Boats Adda River

Addarella, a boat made with the style of a catamaran, has a length of 15 meters for a width of 4 meters, can accommodate up to 48 passengers + 2 persons of the crew, is a means of ecological navigation equipped with only 2 electric motors, therefore very quiet.

The hulls are made of fiberglass, the structure in iron and wood complete the boat.







Leonardo's Ferry

Craft reproduced on the invention of the famous Leonardo da Vinci, it is used for the crossing of the river Adda that connects Imbersago to Villa d'adda.

Without motor is moved manually by the Ferryman, aided by the river current, by a suspended connection cable.

Leonardo's Ferry can transport people, bicycles, motorcycles and cars.

The boat consists of 2 fiberglass hulls covered with fibreglass, 15 meters long and 7 meters wide, complete the wooden benches and the hexagonal house.



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